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Ares S1 Gullwing, Audi Q3 spy shots: Today’s Car News

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Today’s Car News Headlines:

  1. Ares Enhances S1 Supercar with Gullwing Doors

    • Italian automaker Ares has unveiled an updated version of its S1 supercar originally showcased in 2020. The latest design iteration introduces striking gullwing doors for the coupe, along with refined enhancements for the headlights and interior. Worth noting is that this high-performance vehicle continues to utilize the chassis of a donor C8 Chevrolet Corvette.
  2. Audi’s Next-Generation Q3 Spotted Testing

    • Audi is in the testing phase of its upcoming next-generation Q3 compact crossover. Expected to debut late next year or in early 2025, this new model will be built on an updated version of the existing platform. Notably, it will be one of Audi’s final models equipped with a conventional gasoline engine as the company pivots towards electric mobility.
  3. BMW’s Ambitious Plan for Neue Klasse EVs

    • BMW is set to launch an impressive lineup of six Neue Klasse electric vehicles within a tight timeframe of just 24 months, commencing in 2025 with the production release of the Vision Neue Klasse concept unveiled at the 2023 Munich auto show. Among these EVs, an SUV is confirmed, while the specifics of the remaining models remain undisclosed.

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What are the key highlights of the Ares S1 supercar update?

The Ares S1 supercar update introduces gullwing doors, refined headlight designs, and interior enhancements. It still utilizes the C8 Chevrolet Corvette chassis.

When can we expect the next-generation Audi Q3 to arrive?

The next-generation Audi Q3 is anticipated to arrive late next year or in early 2025. It will be one of the last Audi models with a gas engine.

How many Neue Klasse EVs is BMW planning to launch, and when does this initiative start?

BMW has ambitious plans to launch six Neue Klasse electric vehicles. The rollout is set to begin in 2025 with the production version of the Vision Neue Klasse concept, unveiled at the 2023 Munich auto show. The exact identity of these EVs is not yet revealed.

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CarEnthusiast99 September 13, 2023 - 2:15 pm

ares s1 car sounds cool w gullwing doors. audi q3 new soon. bmw evs 6 wow!

SpeedyRacer123 September 13, 2023 - 5:52 pm

Ares supercar gullwing doors, total eye candy. Audi Q3, gas engine final hurrah. BMW’s 6 EVs, future electrified, exciting!


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