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Unveiling of Customized Porsche 944 Safari to be Transformed into a Limited-Edition Hot Wheels Collectible

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Porsche 944 Safari Hot Wheels

At the ongoing Rennsport Reunion event held at Laguna Seca, Porsche introduced a unique 944 Safari model, which is set to become a special Hot Wheels collectible.

Ted Wu, the Vice President and Global Head of Vehicle Design for Mattel, the parent company of Hot Wheels, issued a statement, noting, “Given the continuing cultural significance of Porsche and the current popularity of off-road vehicle modifications, this new addition serves as an ideal complement to our existing lineup of life-sized cars.”

Overview of Porsche 718

The modified vehicle, named Dirtmeister, is a 1987 Porsche 944 customized to commemorate Porsche’s 75th-anniversary celebrations this year. The car boasts a tailored body by Kudensport of California, which expands the rear hatch, endowing the 944 with a shooting brake-like silhouette.

Among the other alterations are a suspension system incorporating components from Trophy Trucks, Pirelli off-road tires, a specialized racing radio and navigational setup, a roll cage, Recaro seating, and off-road lighting equipment. While specifics regarding powertrain adjustments were not disclosed, it should be noted that the original 944 was available with a range of naturally aspirated and turbocharged 4-cylinder engines.

Dirtmeister has been honored with a place in Hot Wheels’ Garage of Legends, a curated assortment of real-world automobiles deemed extraordinary enough to be miniaturized as Hot Wheels cars. This collection also includes iconic Hot Wheels designs such as the Twin Mill and Bone Shaker. Dirtmeister marks the first Porsche to receive this recognition and will be offered as a 1:64-scale die-cast model, produced on a made-to-order basis.

Porsche and Hot Wheels share an extensive historical connection. In 1970, the Porsche 917 endurance race car was incorporated into the highly collectible Hot Wheels Redline series. Since that time, 54 Porsche models have been recreated as Hot Wheels collectibles. Although a 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo was added to the collection in more recent years, the Dirtmeister die-cast suggests a growing affinity for this often-overlooked sports car.

In a related development, Rennsport Reunion also witnessed the unveiling of a limited-edition 911 GT3 R Rennsport track vehicle. A mere 77 of these high-performance cars will be manufactured, each carrying a price tag exceeding $1 million.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Porsche 944 Safari Hot Wheels

What is the significance of the 944 Safari unveiled by Porsche?

Porsche introduced the 944 Safari as a one-of-a-kind model to celebrate its 75th anniversary. It’s a customized version of the 1987 Porsche 944 designed to embody off-road capabilities.

How has the 944 Safari been customized?

The 944 Safari boasts customizations such as an extended rear hatch, suspension components from Trophy Trucks, Pirelli off-road tires, a racing radio and navigation system, a roll cage, Recaro seats, and off-road lights. Specific powertrain modifications were not detailed.

Why is the Dirtmeister car being honored by Hot Wheels?

Dirtmeister has been inducted into Hot Wheels’ Garage of Legends, a collection reserved for real-life cars considered extraordinary enough to be turned into Hot Wheels collectibles. This marks the first Porsche to receive such recognition.

How can collectors obtain the Dirtmeister Hot Wheels collectible?

The Dirtmeister model will be available as a 1:64-scale die-cast car on a made-to-order basis, allowing collectors to acquire this unique Porsche Hot Wheels collectible.

What is the historical connection between Porsche and Hot Wheels?

Porsche and Hot Wheels have a longstanding history, with the Porsche 917 endurance race car becoming part of the Hot Wheels Redline series in 1970. Over the years, 54 Porsche vehicles have been recreated as Hot Wheels collectibles, showcasing the enduring partnership between the two brands.

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HotWheelsJunkie September 29, 2023 - 8:45 pm

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porsche & hot wheels, epic duo! 944 turbo, finally!

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wow porsche 917 & 944 hot wheels? awesome history!

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garage of legends! rare porsche hot wheels for my collection!

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porsche 944 safari offroad? whoa, powertrain specs?

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911 gt3 r, pricey but elite! track beast!


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