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This blue coupe is a main character in the Porsche 911 and Ruf origin stories

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Porsche 901

In the Porsche 911 and Ruf origin stories, there is a significant character, a blue coupe. This coupe holds great importance to Alois Ruf Jr., the head of Ruf Automobile, a German performance marque. It happens to be his first Porsche, a 901 that was lovingly bestowed upon him when he was just 19 years old. However, his connection to this car may stretch back even further.

The roots of Ruf Automobile can be traced back to 1939 when Alois Ruf Sr. established a simple garage in Pfaffenhausen, Germany, near Munich.

The story intertwines with Porsche in 1963 when Ruf Jr. came across a damaged 356 that needed repair. This marked the beginning of a lasting bond with the Porsche brand. Later that same year, while traveling on a rain-soaked autobahn near Günzburg, Ruf Jr. caught a glimpse of a blue 901. This fleeting moment left an indelible impression on him.

At the time, the 901 had recently been introduced as the successor to the 356, a car that the Ruf garage had already specialized in. A trademark dispute with Peugeot soon led to the model being renamed the 911, laying the foundation for the iconic sports car we recognize today.

For Ruf Jr., his connection to the 901 became even more profound in 1969 when his father, Alois Ruf Sr., gifted him one of the earlier 901 models as a birthday present. Though the original flat-6 engine had been replaced with a flat-4 from a Porsche 912, Ruf Jr. happily drove the 901 for many years. Despite plans for restoration, Ruf Jr. prioritized expanding the family business into a prominent performance brand, complete with its own line of supercars.

Finally, in 2019, the time arrived to restore Ruf’s car. Extensive research revealed that it was the sixth 901 ever built. Previously thought to be lost, it turned out to be the first 901 featuring five round instruments and was originally painted Enamel Blue at the factory. Considering the limited number of 901s in circulation during that time, there is a strong possibility that this was the exact car Ruf Jr. had witnessed speeding down the autobahn in 1964.

Chassis number 13326, the car’s unique identifier, was manufactured in September 1963. It made its public debut at the Earls Court auto show in London on October 16 of that year and later appeared at the 1964 Geneva auto show in March.

During its show appearances, the car was fitted with a dummy engine. However, Porsche’s development department took charge of chassis 13326 afterward, installing a functioning engine and testing it at Germany’s Hockenheimring. The blue 901 then served as a company car for Ferdinand Piëch, the future head of the Volkswagen Group, before being sold to Hans Mezger, the renowned Porsche engine designer. Eventually, it found its way to a businessman who, after an on-track incident, sold it to Ruf Sr.

With the car’s complete history uncovered, it underwent restoration to its original state when it was showcased at the Geneva auto show. The engine was replaced with a functional one donated by a vocational college. As Ruf Automobile continues to expand its presence, including establishing a presence in the United States, the revived Quick Blue serves as a charming reminder of the company’s humble beginnings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Porsche 901

What is the significance of the blue coupe in the Porsche 911 and Ruf origin stories?

The blue coupe holds great significance as it is Alois Ruf Jr.’s first Porsche, a 901 that he received at the age of 19. It symbolizes the connection between Ruf Automobile and Porsche, marking the beginning of their journey together.

How did Ruf Automobile become associated with Porsche?

Ruf Automobile’s association with Porsche began in 1963 when Alois Ruf Jr. repaired a damaged 356. Later that year, he caught sight of a blue 901 on the autobahn, leaving a lasting impression. This encounter solidified Ruf’s connection with Porsche and led to their specialization in Porsche models.

What happened to the blue 901 owned by Alois Ruf Jr.?

Alois Ruf Sr. gifted his son the blue 901 as a 19th birthday present. Though it had a replaced engine, Ruf Jr. drove and cherished the car for many years. In 2019, it was discovered that the car was the sixth 901 built and had a significant history. It underwent restoration to its original state, becoming a reminder of Ruf Automobile’s humble origins.

How did the blue 901 contribute to the development of the Porsche 911?

The 901 was the predecessor to the Porsche 911, which replaced the 356. Ruf’s encounter with the blue 901 on the autobahn influenced his connection to Porsche and set the stage for his involvement with the development of Ruf Automobile and their performance-oriented vehicles.

What is the historical background of Ruf Automobile?

Ruf Automobile was founded by Alois Ruf Sr. in 1939 as a garage in Pfaffenhausen, Germany. Over the years, it grew into a prominent performance marque, specializing in Porsche models. Today, Ruf Automobile is recognized for its own line of supercars and its significant contributions to the automotive industry.

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PorscheFanatic99 July 4, 2023 - 4:19 pm

thx 4 da info on Ruf Automobile, didnt kno dey started as an ordinary garage! now i hav a better understanding of their history.

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fascinating story! i enjoy reading abt old cars, their history, and restoration. gotta respect the dedication put into preserving the blue 901’s legacy.

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OMG, the blue 901 is such an iconic ride! luv how it played a role in the development of the Porsche 911. gotta appreciate its historical significance.

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i luv readin bout the blue coup in porsche 911 n ruf origin stories! itz so cool how it symbolizes their connection.

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ths text got me googlin Ruf Automobile, their supr cars sound insane! wanna learn more about their lineup.


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