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Mercedes-Benz Unveils Teaser of Modern C111 Supercar

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Mercedes-Benz C111

Mercedes-Benz has taken to Instagram to provide a tantalizing glimpse of their upcoming modern C111 supercar.

Through a series of teaser photos and a captivating video, Mercedes reveals intriguing design elements, notably the pixel LEDs incorporated into the taillights. These innovative LEDs can be arranged to form the car’s distinctive name, “ONE ELEVEN,” creating a striking visual display.

Accompanying the teasers are phrases like “an icon reloaded” and “are you ready for the reimagined icon?,” subtly alluding to the connection with the original C111.

It’s worth noting that the C111 is not a single model but rather a collection of technology demonstrators, with over a dozen examples still in the possession of Mercedes.

The first C111 was unveiled at the 1969 Frankfurt auto show and showcased pioneering design elements and technology, such as a rotary engine, streamlined aerodynamics, and lightweight construction.

Over time, Mercedes refined the C111’s design with each iteration, eventually replacing the rotary engine with a more efficient diesel unit. Some later C111s achieved multiple records during high-speed testing at Italy’s Nardo test track. The final original C111, the C111/IV, boasted a gas-powered 4.8-liter V-8 engine generating 493 hp. During testing in 1979, it managed to reach an impressive top speed of 251 mph.

Considering the heritage of the earlier C111 models, it is unlikely that the modern rendition will enter production. Instead, Mercedes intends to utilize it as a platform to showcase cutting-edge technologies, potentially featuring next-generation batteries and electric motors. Additionally, the vehicle may offer a glimpse into the future design language of Mercedes’ upcoming electric vehicles.

As of now, Mercedes has not disclosed the official date for the unveiling of the modern C111.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mercedes-Benz C111

What is the C111 supercar?

The C111 supercar is a series of technology demonstrators produced by Mercedes-Benz. It was first introduced at the 1969 Frankfurt auto show and featured innovative design and technology, including a rotary engine, aerodynamic body, and lightweight construction.

Will the modern C111 be available for purchase?

It is unlikely that the modern C111 will be available for purchase. Mercedes-Benz intends to use it as a platform to showcase new technologies and as a preview of their future design language for electric vehicles.

What are the key features of the modern C111?

While specific details are not yet revealed, the teaser images and video indicate that the modern C111 will incorporate pixel LEDs for taillights, allowing for customizable displays of the car’s name. It is expected to feature advanced battery and electric motor technology.

When will the modern C111 be unveiled?

Mercedes-Benz has not provided a specific date for the unveiling of the modern C111. Further announcements or updates regarding the reveal are yet to be made.

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