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Lancia’s Renaissance Begins with New Ypsilon EV in 2024

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Lancia Ypsilon 2024

In a preliminary unveiling, Lancia has showcased an updated Ypsilon subcompact car, set to be released in February of the coming year.

Since its launch in 2011, the Ypsilon has been the only model offered by Lancia. This storied Italian marque, which has seen better days, is now experiencing a resurgence under Stellantis’ stewardship. A previous attempt to rebrand Chrysler vehicles as Lancias wasn’t successful and is now a distant memory.


The rejuvenation of Lancia will see its portfolio grow to include three models, initiating with the revamped Ypsilon. This model will be available in both electric and gasoline versions. This will be followed by a new flagship vehicle and a contemporary version of the Delta in 2026 and 2028, respectively. Both these future models will be exclusively electric.

Preview images of the Ypsilon reveal details of its exterior and interior designs, which were hinted at in Lancia’s Pu+Ra HPE concept presented in April. The interior images feature the name Cassina, a renowned Italian luxury furniture maker, whose design ethos has influenced the interior of the new Ypsilon. Additionally, there will be special editions featuring Cassina branding, similar to the model showcased in the teaser images.

Preview of the upcoming Lancia Ypsilon, scheduled for a February 2024 debut

Lancia has yet to disclose detailed specifications for the Ypsilon. It is anticipated that the vehicle will be a hatchback, built on Stellantis’ CMP platform, accommodating both electric and gasoline powertrains. This platform is tailored for smaller cars.

The new flagship model from Lancia, potentially named Aurelia after the historic 1950s series and a famous Roman road, has been confirmed as a “fastback.” It will measure 185 inches in length and will be based on Stellantis’ STLA Medium modular EV platform.

The new Delta model is expected to be a compact hatchback, reminiscent of its original form.

However, these new Lancia models are unlikely to be available in the U.S., as the brand is focusing exclusively on the European market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lancia Ypsilon 2024

When is the new Lancia Ypsilon expected to debut?

The redesigned Lancia Ypsilon is scheduled to debut in February 2024.

Will the new Ypsilon offer different powertrain options?

Yes, the new Ypsilon will be available with either electric or gas powertrains.

What are Lancia’s plans for expanding its vehicle lineup?

Lancia plans to expand its lineup to three models, including the new Ypsilon, a flagship model, and a modern Delta, expected in 2026 and 2028, respectively.

What influences the interior design of the new Ypsilon?

The interior design of the new Ypsilon is influenced by Cassina, a high-end Italian furniture company, and will feature Cassina-branded special editions.

What platform is the new Ypsilon likely to use?

The new Ypsilon is expected to use Stellantis’ CMP platform, which supports both electric and gas powertrains.

Will the new Lancia models be available in the U.S.?

No, the new Lancia models, including the Ypsilon, are focused exclusively on the European market and are not expected to be released in the U.S.

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