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Bugatti EB 112 sedan turns 30

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Bugatti is known today for its cutting-edge hypercars, but not long ago, the luxury car maker was also considering the launch of a premium sedan, inspired by the iconic Royale, whose production was limited to just six units due to the Great Depression’s impact.

In 2009, Bugatti provided a glimpse into a potential direction for such a sedan with the 16C Galibier concept. However, the global financial crisis at that time put a halt to this initiative, echoing Bugatti’s previous failed attempt to introduce a sedan, the EB 112 concept.

Bugatti has recently turned its attention back to the EB 112, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its debut at the Geneva Auto Show in 1993. During this period, Bugatti was under the management of Romano Artioli, and only three of these unique vehicles were ever created, including the original concept.

Featuring a 6.0-liter V-12 engine that produces 450 horsepower, the EB 112 could accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 4.3 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 186 mph. The engine is situated in a front mid-ship position, paired with a 6-speed manual transmission, and powers all four wheels.

At the time of its release, there were high hopes for the revival of Bugatti under Artioli’s leadership. The EB 110 supercar was making waves, and the company was even offering design services to other brands like Suzuki. However, financial problems, including Artioli’s debts from investing in Lotus, forced Bugatti into bankruptcy in 1995. Only 128 units of the EB 110 were produced before bankruptcy, and the EB 112 never made it beyond the concept and two additional prototypes.

Volkswagen Group acquired the Bugatti name in 1998, and they successfully resurrected the brand with the Veyron and Chiron models. Interestingly, many assets from the Artioli era, including the three EB 112s, were sold to Gildo Pallanca Pastor, who managed to make them roadworthy. Two of these vehicles, in black and gray, found private owners, and the original red concept was returned to Italdesign, now part of the VW Group.

Reflecting on the EB 112, Giugiaro noted its nostalgic design elements, reminiscent of Bugatti’s famed late-’30s models, combined with innovative mechanics. He described the EB 112 as a “dream car” and a precursor to today’s high-performance fastback models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Bugatti EB 112

What is the Bugatti EB 112 concept?

The Bugatti EB 112 concept is a luxury sedan designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. It was revealed at the 1993 Geneva auto show and was intended to be a high-end vehicle in the same vein as Bugatti’s legendary Royale. Only three examples were created, and it never went beyond the concept and two prototypes.

When was the Bugatti EB 112 concept unveiled?

The Bugatti EB 112 concept was unveiled at the 1993 Geneva auto show, marking the 30th anniversary of its reveal in 2023.

What engine does the Bugatti EB 112 have, and what are its performance specifications?

The EB 112 is powered by a 6.0-liter V-12 engine, generating 450 hp. It can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 4.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 186 mph.

Why was the Bugatti EB 112 never produced?

Financial difficulties, including debts incurred by Romano Artioli after an investment in Lotus, sent Bugatti into bankruptcy in 1995. The EB 112 never progressed beyond the concept stage and two additional prototypes.

Who owns the existing examples of the Bugatti EB 112?

Gildo Pallanca Pastor acquired the three EB 112s after Bugatti’s bankruptcy. Two examples, one black and the other gray, ended up in private hands, and the original red concept was returned to Italdesign, now owned by VW Group.

How does the Bugatti EB 112 fit into Bugatti’s modern history?

The EB 112 is seen as a nostalgic reference to Bugatti’s legacy and a forerunner to modern high-performance fastback models. Its 30th-anniversary celebration signifies a look back at an innovative yet unrealized vision of Bugatti’s automotive design.

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Katie.J August 7, 2023 - 8:37 pm

It’s a shame financial issues stopped this from going further. Imagine how the automotive landscape would look if the EB 112 had hit the market. sometimes I wonder what other great ideas have been stifled by money troubles…

James R. August 8, 2023 - 12:53 am

Wow, Bugatti’s EB 112 was way ahead of its time! Wish they had actually produced it, wouldve been a game changer for sure.

Sarah_M August 8, 2023 - 4:07 am

This just shows how Bugatti is always innovating, even in their history. Would love to see this one in person someday, anyone know where the three are now???

Mike87 August 8, 2023 - 6:08 am

i remember seeing this concept when i was a kid, it was like nothing else on the road. 186 mph in a sedan back then, insane!

TomH_44 August 8, 2023 - 6:17 pm

Giugiaro is a genius, the EB 112’s design still holds up today. those specs are still impressive, 30 years on! can’t believe it’s been that long already.


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