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Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2001b F1 Race Car Up for Auction

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The Ferrari F2001b, a Formula 1 race car that was once driven by the renowned German driver Michael Schumacher during his impressive period with Scuderia, will be offered at auction by RM Sotheby’s on August 16 as part of Monterey Car Week.

This particular car, the F2001b, was an enhancement of the original F2001 model (the “b” in its name indicates this) that was created to compete in the 2001 F1 championship. When the scheduled successor, the F2002, faced delays in being ready for the 2002 season due to issues with gearbox reliability, the F2001b was developed. Given the F2001’s track record—Schumacher triumphed in 9 out of 17 races in 2001—Ferrari saw fit to develop the “b” variant as a temporary replacement until the F2002 could be introduced.

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Ferrari F2001b driven by Michael Schumacher (photo via RM Sotheby’s)

The revamped car retained the effective 7-speed sequential gearbox from the standard F2001 but integrated aerodynamic enhancements that were originally intended for the F2002. Additionally, the V-10 engine was primarily unchanged, though it did include some updates from the F2002’s engine.

The car that’s up for auction, known as chassis 215, was driven by Schumacher in the first two races of the 2002 F1 season. He secured victory at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix and moved from 21st to 3rd in the Malaysian Grand Prix, where he started at pole but fell back due to a crash in the first lap.

Ferrari F2001b driven by Michael Schumacher (photo via RM Sotheby’s)

Chassis 215 was also transported to the Brazilian Grand Prix, though Schumacher ultimately ended up behind the wheel of one of the new F2002 models. Afterward, Ferrari utilized chassis 215 for tire testing before it was sold to private collectors. While its racing career was brief, chassis 215 achieved two podium finishes in as many races and secured a pole position. Schumacher, along with Ferrari, would go on to clinch both the 2001 drivers’ and constructors’ championships.

There’s no pre-auction estimate provided in the listing, but any F1 car linked to Schumacher is considered highly valuable. An earlier F2001 chassis, with a more extensive racing history that included five wins, was auctioned off for $14.8 million in 2022. Even so, chassis 215 is expected to fetch a substantial amount at auction, given its unique history.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Ferrari F2001b

What car model is going up for auction, and who drove it?

The Ferrari F2001b Formula 1 race car, driven by legendary German racer Michael Schumacher, is going up for auction.

When and where will the auction take place?

The auction will be conducted by RM Sotheby’s on August 16, during Monterey Car Week.

What is significant about the Ferrari F2001b?

The F2001b was an updated version of the F2001, developed as a placeholder for the F2002. Michael Schumacher drove this particular model (chassis 215) in the first two races of the 2002 F1 season.

What were some of the successes of this specific car, chassis 215?

Chassis 215 achieved two podium finishes in the two races it participated in, and secured a pole position. It was also utilized by Ferrari for tire testing.

How much could the car potentially sell for at auction?

Though there is no pre-auction estimate given, the car is expected to fetch a significant amount due to its connection to Michael Schumacher. An earlier F2001 chassis sold for $14.8 million in 2022.

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TommyTurbo August 15, 2023 - 2:11 am

I’m just wonderin’ if the new owner will actually drive it or just keep it as a show piece. i hope it gets to see the track again.

SarahLovesSpeed August 15, 2023 - 2:30 am

Schumacher’s era was the best in F1. I remmber watching those races as a kid, he was unstoppable. This car is a piece of history.

F1Fanatic_Jenny August 15, 2023 - 1:29 pm

Anyone knows how much it might sell for? The last one went for 14.8 mil but this has a shorter race history…

James Racer92 August 15, 2023 - 3:47 pm

Wow, can’t believe they’re auctioning off Schumacher’s F2001b. Wish I had the money to bid, love that car so much!!!

Mike_TheMechanic August 15, 2023 - 7:36 pm

what an incredible machine. that v-10 engine and aerodynamic upgrades. If only I could get my hands on it, dream car!


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