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VW ID.2all Concept: An Affordable Electric Vehicle Coming in 2025

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Volkswagen Group is making a family of small electric cars and one of them will be part of the Volkswagen brand. VW showed a possible design for its EV in 2021 with an ID.Life concept but they have chosen to go with more traditional hatchback style as seen on the new ID.2all concept.

On Wednesday, Volkswagen announced their ID.2all car which will be available for purchase in 2025. It is one of ten new electric cars they’ll produce by 2026. The ID.2all is quite small and may not even make it to the United States.

The ID.2all is 159.5 inches long, which makes it a bit longer than the VW Polo hatchback (sold overseas). But even though it’s slightly bigger in size, VW said that because of its special design, it has as much space inside as their compact Golf hatch (which comes at 168.8 inches). The maximum storage space of the ID.2all is about 47 cubic feet which is pretty close to the storage you’d get from the Golf (52.7 cubic feet).

People are saying that VW might use the name “Golf” for this new car, combined with its own designation called “ID.” That would make the full name of the car to be “ID.Golf”. Plus, the ID.2all’s C-pillar design was inspired by the original Golf’s design so we can see a connection there too! Lastly, VW said that this new car is an updated version of their brand-wide (which means all of their models) design language.

The ID.2all is a car that uses a new platform called MEB Entry, developed by VW Group and in the early stages of testing. This platform is shorter than normal MEB and has a motor at the front; on this particular car, the motor produces 222 horsepower . The battery installed in this car can go up to 280 miles in tests done overseas, or maybe slightly less if it was tested with stricter rules (like those from EPA).

VW Group will manufacture their upcoming ID.2all car at a factory in Spain and might make models from the SEAT and Skoda brands, as well as one from their Cupra performance brand. VW is aiming for this car to have prices lower than 25,000 euros (about 26,550 dollars) while having features usually found in more expensive cars.

Thomas Schäfer, VW’s CEO, said that they want to get close to people who will buy their products. He wants them to have the best technology and make devices that look good too. They are doing everything quickly so that electric cars become a normal thing for everybody.

Volkswagen (VW) just recently announced that they are creating an electric car which will cost less than $21,250. This is great news for those who want to buy a fancy and affordable EV! It’s known as ID.1 and it might be a mini-car to replace the e-Up! hatch.

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