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The Next Mini Cooper to Take EVs to the Next Level

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This year, a new Mini Hardtop will be released and is being tested in cold climates near the Arctic Circle. Additionally, Mini will no longer call their two- and four-door hatch models “Hardtops” but will go back to calling them “Coopers”. Cooper is going to be its own type of mini car now instead of just being a grade.

Mini has announced that there will be both gasoline and electric versions of their cars for this model year, with a different platform for their electric variants. The base type of electric Mini would have a 40-kwh battery and 181 horsepower, while the next tier up is called Cooper SE which has 54-kwh battery and 215 horsepower.

The current Cooper SE Hardtop car has a 32.6-kwh battery that will only take you 110 miles according to the Environmental Protection Agency. This is because it’s been built using a platform originally made for gas cars. In 2020, Mini also announced an electric John Cooper Works version of this car.

Mini is making a new version of their famous Cooper car, but this time it’s electric powered! The special electrical parts of the vehicle will be constructed in China as part of an agreement with Great Wall Motors made two years ago. All the other normal parts (not battery-related) will still be built in Oxford, U.K.

This year, Mini is releasing a redesigned version of the Countryman. It can either come with a gas engine or electric power and will be made in Germany. Additionally, there’ll also be an even smaller crossover that runs on electric power only, and this one is called the Aceman!

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