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Spy Shots – Up Close Look at the 2024 Mercedes-Benz Maybach EQS SUV

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Mercedes-Benz are making a special version of their 2023 EQS SUV, known as the Maybach, and we have seen different versions of this car being tested. The Maybach is expected to be released in 2023 and become available for sale at dealerships by 2024. It will be Mercedes-Benz’s first ever electric vehicle with an ultra-luxury design.

The prototypes don’t show many of the usual Maybach features, like the flashy wheels and extra chrome. However, you can find part of Maybach’s signature grille pattern that looks like the stripes on a suit in the lower front area. This part has more of a egg-crate look compared to the regular EQS SUV.

Maybach showed us a sneak peak of the design in 2021. Not only did it have a pinstripe grille, but it also came with two different colors for its paint job which, most likely, will be an option for the real model. This SUV comes with two rows of seats , where the second row has two individual chairs, making it a four-seater car. This concept might become popular for those who are looking for special options, particularly in China since people there often get served by personal drivers and spend their time at the back seat of a vehicle.

Inside the car, you’ll find a 56.0-inch screen to control things. It is called Hyperscreen and it merges multiple screens together. It will look really cool if you get the Maybach version, plus it has an amazing stereo with Dolby Atmos which makes it sound even better than other cars.

The Maybach EQS SUV might have cool upgrades that give it more power and a longer range. The strongest version is the EQS 580 grade, which has two motors on all four wheels and 536 horsepower plus 633 lb-ft of torque! The battery it uses can be charged up to 305 miles per charge according to the EPA (which tests batteries). Later on, there may also be a Maybach version of the EQS hatchback car.

Since 2014, Maybach has been a brand that makes special versions of Mercedes cars that are even more luxurious. People still want to make new Maybachs on their own, and electric car technology could be the perfect way to do it. Electric cars are known for having quiet and smooth rides so it would match great with Maybach’s style of luxury.

We might get to see a brand new Maybach convertible soon. This car was just teased last May and could be released very soon too. After that, they are also planning on making an updated version of the Maybach GLS-Class. So keep checking in for news on this exciting project!

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