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Ruf Motors Opens US Doors: Why This is a Big Step For The German Car Manufacturer

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Ruf, a company that makes pretty cool cars and tunes them, just opened up a new place in America they call Ruf North America. It’s run by someone named Victor Gomez and is based out of The Concours Club in Miami, Florida. At Ruf North America you can buy or service your car, get parts for it, go on track driving experiences, or have private events with your friends. Plus there will be a showroom ready for everyone to visit sometime mid-2023.

Recently, Ruf had an event at The Concours Club to show their new company called Ruf North America. They displayed a few of the products they have made, including a shiny new CTR car.

The Concours Club is in Miami-Opa Locka Airport and contains a race track that is recognized by FIA, plus a restaurant area, places for events, and special private garages. One reason why Ruf chose this place is because customers can land close nearby and start racing on the track within minutes!

In 1970 when Alois Ruf Jr. first came to the United States, he was amazed by how popular cars were in America. 53 years later, he’s excited for Ruf to open its U.S. home base in Miami so he can share his love of cars with American customers!

Ruf is an auto repair company founded in 1939 by Alois Ruf, Sr. in the town called Pfaffenhausen which is close to Munich. Nowadays, it’s run by his son, Alois Ruf Jr. They mainly focus on customizing Porsche 911s but they also make their own versions of sports cars that look like Porsches.

The newest car from Ruf is the fourth-generation CTR which looks like a 911 but is made of different materials and includes lots of up-to-date features. It came out in 2017 to pay tribute to the 1987 CTR “Yellow Bird” that it also looks like.

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