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Rolls-Royce’s Last V-12 Coupe: Introducing the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow

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The Rolls-Royce Wraith will stop being sold in the U.S., but you can still buy it in other places. Now, the company has made a special version of this amazing coupe to mark the end of its production.

This week, Rolls Royce unveiled the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow. There are only twelve of these cars made, and it’s the last model ever with a V-12 engine. In fact, all of Rolls Royce’s future cars will be electric starting later this year with the Spectre coupe.

The Black Arrow name comes from the black arrows that were painted on this super special car called “Thunderbolt” back in the 1930s. It had a really powerful Rolls-Royce V-12 engine, the same type of engine they use in airplanes! The Thunderbolt was mostly made of shiny aluminum but it had black arrows so scientists could see it better against the white salt flats where it was raced. Eventually, Thunderbolt reached an awesome speed of 357 mph in 1938; that’s so fast!

The Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow looks special because of its exterior “fade” paint job. It starts as silver at the front but blends into pure black at the back. It took about 18 months for Rolls-Royce to carefully craft and apply this special kind of paint that even has a glass layer on top to produce an interesting blur effect!

The people who designed the car added bright yellow parts to make it look different and eye-catching. These yellow parts are also in the inside of the car, on the center console and even on the dash above the glovebox. There is even a drawing of a V12 engine on the dash!

The inside of the car is made with very special features! 320 marquetry pieces make up the door panels, and 2,117 fiber-optic lights are arranged to show stars in the sky like you would have seen over the Bonneville Salt Flats. The best news is that there’s no need to worry about missing out on getting one yourself as all 12 build slots for this car have already been filled!

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