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Review: The 2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 – Bigger, Firmer, and More Daring

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Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 Review

Amidst the towering peaks of the Sierra Nevada near Granada, Spain, the 2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 feels like a formidable presence. Nestled on the edge of serpentine roads with a daunting drop to one side, the car’s heated, massaging seats offer a stark contrast to the chilling, foggy, and rain-drenched surroundings. Far from the idyllic mountain drive I anticipated, the weather has served up a mix of challenges.

Lexus LX Overview

The latest iteration of the two-door GT, now extended by 7.1 inches and featuring an expanded wheelbase, shares a lineage with the current SL Roadster and echoes the iconic SLS gullwing design of 2010-2015. This growth accommodates a modest second row. With its redesigned, lighter body panels, a handcrafted AMG twin-turbo V-8, and advanced technology, this GT aims to surpass its predecessor’s performance and aesthetics, transitioning from a two-seater to a 2+2 layout. Despite its appeal, the GT’s identity feels somewhat elusive after my initial drive.

2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63: A Visual Symphony

The GT’s design is nothing short of breathtaking. Its voluptuous curves, extended dash-to-axle ratio, and striking rear end make a bold statement on the streets of Grenada, capturing the attention of pedestrians and locals alike. Personalization options range from Chrome or Night Packages for added flair, to Carbon Fiber or Aerodynamic packages for enhanced performance. The selection of 20- or 21-inch wheels completes the aesthetic versatility.

The Driver’s Experience

Sitting in the GT, one feels enveloped by the car. The door panels merge flawlessly into the dashboard, accented by contrast stitching. The central 11.9-inch portrait-oriented touchscreen runs the latest MBUX software, simplifying access to various functions without compromising the user experience. The cabin, inspired by traditional aviation cockpits, features turbine-style air vents and a 12.3-inch configurable gauge cluster, continuing Mercedes’ legacy of retro-modern interior design.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63: All-Wheel Drive Mastery

Slated for release in the first half of 2024, the GT will be available in GT 55 and GT 63 models, both equipped with 4Matic+ all-wheel drive, a 9-speed automatic transmission, and a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8. The GT 63, boasting 577 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, promises a 0-60 mph sprint in just 3.1 seconds, with a top speed of 196 mph.

Despite inclement weather, the GT showcases its capabilities over a two-day test drive. On narrower roads, the car’s performance is more restrained, yet a drive partner experiences its full potential on wider roads, especially in Sport+ mode, which enhances throttle response, gear holding, and suspension while reducing electronic interference.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63: Comfort with a Caveat

The GT’s grand touring capabilities are evident, but not without compromise. Comfort mode offers light steering and smoother transitions but lacks in suspension softness. The optional Performance seats, while lightweight, sacrifice comfort, and the cabin, though spacious, allows noticeable road and wind noise.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63: A Dynamic Second Day

On the second day, the standard seats, with their comfort and massaging features, allow for a more enjoyable driving experience. The car’s power delivery is immediate and precise, with the transmission adeptly managing power flow. The grip, enhanced by an advanced aerodynamic system and a hydraulic anti-roll system, exceeds expectations, contributing to confidence in corners.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63: Final Thoughts

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 remains somewhat enigmatic. It excels as a performance vehicle but doesn’t quite match the plushness of other grand tourers. It’s well-suited for those who prioritize performance over luxury. However, for those seeking a more indulgent experience, alternatives like the Bentley Continental GT or the Lexus LC500 might be more fitting.

Pricing for the 2024 AMG GT 63 is yet to be announced, but expectations suggest a range between $130,000 and $200,000 with options. AutoMotorMart’s coverage was supported by Mercedes-Benz, covering travel and accommodation expenses for this comprehensive firsthand review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 Review

What are the key features of the 2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63?

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 features a longer body, an AMG twin-turbo V-8 engine, advanced technology, and a transition from a two-seater to a 2+2 layout. It offers a range of personalization options and is equipped with 4Matic+ all-wheel drive and a 9-speed automatic transmission.

How does the 2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 perform in different driving conditions?

The GT 63 demonstrates remarkable handling and power delivery in various conditions. Its all-wheel drive and advanced aerodynamics provide excellent grip and stability. The car performs well on both narrow and wider roads, with different driving modes to enhance the experience.

What is the interior like in the 2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63?

The interior of the GT 63 merges luxury with a modern touch. It includes a large touchscreen with the latest MBUX software, comfortable seating (with an optional massaging function), and a cabin design inspired by traditional aviation cockpits.

How does the 2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 compare to other grand tourers in terms of comfort?

While the GT 63 excels in performance, its comfort level may not match other grand tourers. The suspension in Comfort mode could be softer, and the optional Performance seats may not be as comfortable for long drives.

What are some alternatives to the 2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 for luxury and comfort?

Alternatives for those seeking more luxury and comfort include the Bentley Continental GT and the Lexus LC500. These vehicles offer a more plush ride and a quieter cabin compared to the AMG GT 63.

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LuxuryRider November 13, 2023 - 2:50 am

Not sure if comparing the AMG GT 63 to a Bentley is fair, They’re like apples and oranges in the car world. Both great, but for different reasons.

SpeedEnthusiast November 13, 2023 - 6:37 am

great review, but I think the writer’s a bit too harsh on the comfort part, Mercedes always delivers quality, right?

Sara_J November 13, 2023 - 10:11 am

Loved reading this, the imagery of driving in the Sierra Nevada’s got me! Wish there were pics of the car though, visuals would make it perfect.

TechGeek November 13, 2023 - 11:06 am

The tech details are cool, but wanted more info on the MBUX system. how’s it different from the older models?

CarLover93 November 13, 2023 - 5:18 pm

man i love how they describe the GT 63, sounds like a beast on the road! but they couldve mentioned more about the engine specifics, you know?


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