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Red Bull Continues to Dominate 2023 F1 Standings After Round Two

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Red Bull Racing has been doing great in the 2023 Formula One World Championship! Their two drivers, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, have both won a race each and gotten second place respectively. Max even got an extra point for being the fastest lap driver at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. This puts Red Bull on top of the points table with more than double the points of the team next to them.

Fernando Alonso from Aston Martin is the biggest challenge for Red Bull so far this season. He got third place on the podium in both the beginning and most recent race of 2023. But none of the new drivers this season, which are Logan Sargeant, Nyck De Vries, and Oscar Piastri, have earned any points yet. 21 more races remain before the end of 2023, so a lot can still happen!

This is a list of who is in the lead for Formula 1 car racing in 2023:

Max Verstappen from Red Bull Racing is leading in points, with 44. Then comes Sergio Perez from Red Bull Racing, who has 43 points. Fernando Alonso from Aston Martin follows them with 30 points, while Carlos Sainz from Ferrari has 20 points. Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes-Benz AMG is also tied with Carlos in terms of points – both have a total of 20 each. George Russel, who is also a part of the Mercedes-Benz AMG team, has 18 points so far in the competition. Other racers such as Lance Stroll (8), Charles Leclerc (6), Valtteri Bottas (4) and so on have comparatively fewer points in the standings.

These are the standings of all the teams in the 2023 F1 Constructors’ Championship:

1) Red Bull Racing – 87 points
2) Aston Martin – 38 points
3) Mercedes-Benz AMG – 38 points
4) Ferrari – 26 points
5) Alpine – 8 points
6) Alfa Romeo – 4 points
7) Haas – 1 point
8) Williams – 1 point
9) AlphaTauri – 0 points
10) McLaren – 0 points

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