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Lordstown Motors: Driving the Future with Foxconn Platform

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Lordstown Motors has recently made a bold move, turning its focus to the future of electric vehicles (EVs). The company has partnered with Foxconn to develop a modular EV platform that will drive the future of the automotive industry. This new platform is expected to revamp Lordstown Motors’ production of their highly sought after Endurance truck, which was previously halted due to a recall. The Ohio plant owned by Foxconn will be used for production and sales of the Endurance truck is expected to begin in 2021, with an update coming soon on when deliveries will resume. As the world turns its focus to electric vehicles, Lordstown Motors is at the forefront of innovation with their Foxconn platform-based vehicle.

Lordstown Motors is dedicated to revolutionizing the transportation industry with their electric vehicles platform, powered by Foxconn. This business model is an innovative way to combine the strengths of two industries, creating a more efficient and sustainable future for all. With their eye for innovation and a commitment to creating a better future, Lordstown Motors is determined to bring the world of EVs to the forefront of technology.

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