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Lamborghini Putting Comfort & Range First: 300 Miles of Range & Comfortable Rear Seat for Upcoming EV

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Lamborghini is taking its time to create the first electric car, but one of its executives revealed some details about the vehicle. On Tuesday, before the 2023 New York auto show, Lamborghini’s Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Federico Foschini said that the EV will have a decent battery life of at least 300 miles, plus a comfortable back seat.

This week, the CEO of Lamborghini – Stephan Winkelman – revealed that their first electric vehicle (EV) model will be a two-seater Grand Tourer. However, he didn’t say much more than that.

The executive, Foschini, said that an EV car needs to at least get 300 miles per charge so that customers don’t have to worry while they’re on a long journey.

The CMO said that the amount of time you can drive the car will depend on which mode you’re driving in.

Lamborghini’s executives have a lot of worries about being able to access enough charging spots and having fast-charging times. This is why it may be five years until the cars are ready for people to use.

Foschini claims that the new electric Grand Tourer (GT) car will be very practical. He was referring to customers who have already bought a supercar like the Revuelto plug-in hybrid and need another vehicle that they can use every day. That’s why the electric GT is being made – so those customers have another car that is more suitable for everyday travel.

Foschini said that the back seat of the car won’t be as spacious as the front, but it will still be comfy and big enough for an adult, or even two adults. We don’t know if this is true though because many 2+2 cars have tiny rear seats; like Porsche 911 and Toyota GR86.

The seating arrangement in the Lamborghini will feel very similar to what you’d experience in other vehicles from the same car maker. You’ll also get a similar driving feeling as if you were driving different Lamborghini cars that are powered by engines ranging from V8, V10 and V12.

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