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In Depth Look at Audi’s New Naming Strategy: Splitting EV and ICE Cars

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By 2025, Audi will have released more than 20 new or updated cars. This kick-starting with an electric compact crossover car called the “Q6 E-tron” coming out in 2023. Over half of these vehicles will be electric and they’re changing their naming system so customers know which ones are powered by electricity and which still run on gasoline.

On Thursday, Audi’s CEO Markus Duesmann announced a new naming system. Electric vehicles made by Audi will have even numbers in their names while cars powered by gas, as well as hybrids (that use both gas and electricity), will have odd numbers in their names.

Last year, Audi changed the E-Tron’s name to Q8 E-Tron after its mid-cycle update. This means that when the current gas-powered Q8 SUV gets an update later this year, it will become a Q9. Also, when Audi redesigns the A4 car later on, it will turn into an A5 with an electric A4 E-Tron being released soon afterwards.

Soon, Audi will only sell electric cars. Their EVs will have special numbers in their name like the Q4 E-Tron. By 2026, there won’t be any cars with a regular engine. And Audi also announced plans to make an EV smaller than the Q4 E-Tron – it could either be an A4 E-Tron or even smaller, like an A2 E-Tron.

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