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Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge: Pimp Your Ride For Kids

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Last week, it was announced that Hot Wheels is getting its own TV show. The show is called “Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge,” and the very first episode will be aired on NBC this year at a nice primetime slot!

Rutledge Wood from the famous show “Top Gear America” has been chosen to host it. Fans of Hoonigan’s Hert Eugene Junior and Ford designer & Hot Wheels ambassador Dalal Elsheikh should also keep an eye out for their appearance during the show too!

The show is like MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” for kids. Every episode has two Hot Wheels fans make their cars with actual vehicles.

In the “Chrome Zone” some really cool stuff is happening. Every contestant will have their own high-tech garage and awesome experts to help them out! Plus, they’ll get ideas coming out of a machine called ‘Inspirationator 5000’. These are new ideas that can be used to make their build even better.

Hot Wheels wants to find a new design for a toy car, and they’ve set up this competition. A panel of celebrities will pick one lucky winner, who will get a $25,000 prize and have their design made into an actual Hot Wheels car! If that winner does really well in another round of the competition, then they’ll win $50,000 too! Also, Hot Wheels is more than just cars — there’s a video game based on it now and even a movie coming soon!

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