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Gordon Murray’s Final Drive in the T.50 Supercar – The Ultimate Driving Experience

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The T.50 from Gordon Murray Automotive is now available for delivery – four years after it was originally announced. A video of the founder, Gordon Murray, showed him test driving the car and it’s clear that he was emotionally moved about it. He believes the T.50 will do well compared to other supercars as well as his own McLaren F1 V-12 supercar!

Murray thinks the T.50 is like the F1 car since they both have a middle seat, a light-weight body made of Carbon Fibre, and a 12-cylinder that can rev up over 12,100 rpm with a 6 gear transmission. They also look very similar.

Murray said after trying it out that “The T.50 does everything the F1 does but even better”.

The T.50 car is special because it has a big fan at the back. The purpose of this fan is to change how air flows around the car, so that there’s no need for big wings or spoilers like in other cars. This idea was first used by Niki Lauda when he won the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix with a Brabham BT46B car which also had a fan like the T.50.

Murray drove a special pre-production car, and production of customer cars started in March at a facility in the United Kingdom. Only 100 regular T.50 cars will be made, plus 25 extra ones that are designed for racing tracks. Unfortunately, all the slots for these cars have been filled up!

GMA has already made a new supercar called the T.33, and all of its 100 spots have been sold. Unlike the T.50 car, the T.33 has been allowed to be driven in the US! Production for it is scheduled to start around 2024.

GMA will also make more electric-powered cars and an electric SUV too.

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