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GMC and EarthCruiser Ready to Take Overlanding to the Next Level with Hummer EV Concept

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Traveling in remote places for a long period of time is becoming more and more popular. There are now electric pickups and SUVs available that let people do this type of travel, which makes it even easier to explore out of the way destinations.

GMC is creating a new electric truck and soon will reveal the design. We can get a hint of what it might look like from the teaser photo with shows solar panels covering the roof and a canopy over the bed.

The back of the vehicle could have a storage shelf for different types of gear. GMC has already showed us what something like this might look like in their 2021 Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX design. The company also featured a Hummer EV Pickup truck with some special overlanding features at the same year’s SEMA show.

GMC has joined forces with EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles to create a new idea. The Australian company builds vehicles that can be used for long periods of time on tricky landscapes, and since 2013 they’ve had a part in the U.S., which is based out of Bend, Oregon.

The project has a goal of creating an easier way for people to take their electric vehicles off-roading. Lance Gillies, the CEO and founder of EarthCruiser, believes that the strong torque control in electric cars can make it simpler to explore more challenging terrains. Also, the car’s battery will even give energy to power up any essential devices while travelling!

The Hummer EV Pickup’s biggest and most powerful battery has 205-kwh of energy and it can run 329 miles when paired with the powertrain that has 1,000 horsepower.

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