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GM Revolutionizes Towing Capacity with Patent of Tow-Assist Device

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Car companies want to make their pickup trucks the best and most powerful, which is why General Motors is thinking about an unusual way of making those pickup trucks even better.

GM recently created and applied for a patent that would help vehicles tow bigger and heavier items. This application was filed back on October 21, 2019 and went public on March 21, 2023. The invention works by having a wheeled booster unit that connects between the vehicle towing something, and the item being towed. So this invention helps increase the vehicle’s towing capacity!

This invention has up to four wheels and it can be attached to the back of a vehicle. It also comes with an extra wheel that can be used for towing trailers. The unit will use its own wheels as well as sensors to apply power when needed and even brake itself to help out trailer braking.

Electric motors will run the wheels of the towing assistance unit, and one motor might be used for each wheel, so that it can act like a different type of drive. There won’t be any problems with traction as the unit will take on some of the load from the trailer’s tongue. The electric motors are powered by a battery pack, which may also help to power or charge up the trailer or even the car pulling the trailer at the same time. It is not stated how much strength these motors provide.

GM is developing a new device called “tow assist” that could hook up to trailers with ease. This device can move the trailer around itself or you can use a handle to guide it, meaning you don’t have to do any reversing or trying to align the trailer properly. While GM hasn’t confirmed anything yet, this would give them an advantage over Ford when hooking up trailers.

This device gives drivers more freedom. GM says customers can use it to tow bigger things than their vehicles usually could. This means you don’t need to buy a special car for hauling every once in a while, but remember: if what you’re pulling is too big and heavy, even with this device, you’ll still need a special driver’s license.

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