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Get to Know the Latest Models from Toyota, BMX, and Porsche: The Week In Reverse

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This week at AutoMotorMart was really exciting! Toyota introduced a newer version of the Tacoma pickup truck, BMW added new models to their lineup, and Porsche tested out a special electric Macan vehicle. The new Toyota Tacoma will have extra tough features like an ARB rear bumper, recovery hooks, and a badge to show it’s off-road ready! Not sure if all those awesome add-ons will be standard or something you can get separately though.

Acura is releasing a new car called the Integra Type S this June. It has the same powerful engine as the Civic Type R, but it looks more like a grown-up car since it doesn’t have a rear wing.

BMW just made an even cooler car than that: The XM Label Red! It’s going to be in dealers soon and it can make 738 horses with its awesome plug-in hybrid technology! Plus, it will come with some cool red accents on its body.

Chevrolet released a new heavy-duty pickup truck, called the Silverado HD ZR2. It’s designed for people who want to drive off-road, and comes in two forms: regular and ARB Bison. To help you tackle rough terrain, this pickup is fitted with a lift kit, 35-inch Mud Terrain tires, and a rear locker. Plus, you can choose to have it equipped with a powerful Duramax diesel engine!

The newest Porsche Macan EV is currently being put under tests on the track. The car looks different than what it will look like when it’s released because it has a special type of paint, wheels that are not finalized and a spoiler that moves around. It should be ready to buy by the start of 2024.

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