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Get Ready: The All-New Lancia Concept Debuts April 15!

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Lancia is a famous Italian car brand that recently got money from Stellantis to make three new electric cars. To show everyone what the cars will look like, they’re going to reveal a special concept car on April 15 during Milan Design Week.

This week, Lancia released a video clip that they are calling a “brand manifesto”. This video shows what looks like the back of a car, which might even be a sports car. Lancia said it wants their future cars to evoke emotion and be very pure in design.

Lancia makes a mini car called Ypsilon. In 2011, they released an updated version of this car. In 2024, they are planning to release a new version of Ypsilon with electric power. This electric model will be very similar to the Fiat 500e that will be released in the United States at the same time.

In 2024, Lancia will release a new model called their “flagship” vehicle. This might be similar to the Aurelia car. After that, in 2028, they should come out with a Delta model that is mainly for performance- it could be like the rally-inspired Delta HF from back in the 1980s. Unfortunately, due to Lancia focusing on Europe only, these new cars probably won’t make it to America.

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