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Get Ready for the All-Electric Redesigned Porsche Cayenne

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Porsche said on Monday at its annual general meeting that the new Cayenne car they will release in the next few years will be powered by batteries. Porsche thinks that around 80% of their cars will be electric by 2030 and that only the 911 models are likely to still have gas engines.

Porsche, the German car brand, has a new electric vehicle (EV) called Taycan and it is almost as popular as their traditional 911. In 2024, they’ll have an electric Macan crossover car and around 2025 Porsche could have an electric 718 sports car on the road. Lastly, they plan to make a big, electric SUV with plenty of room in 2027.

Porsche announced on Monday that they will be releasing their electric Cayenne around 2026. It is expected to have a version of Volkswagen Group’s PPE platform which is specifically made for high-end electric vehicles. This PPE platform will also be featured in Audi Q6 E-Tron and showing up later this year. In other words, the electric Macan and Audi Q6 E-Tron are pretty much the same type of vehicle.

The PPE platform is flexible and it can be used to create cars of different sizes that can ride lower or higher. For the electric Macan, it will have a battery pack of 98-kwh and a motor that powers both axles so it’ll generate at least 603 hp. Higher horsepower might be available for the electric Cayenne.

Porsche might be planning to put a four-motor powertrain in its electric Cayenne. This system would generate a lot of power and also help with steering control. Porsche revealed they were working on this system in 2019.

Porsche is planning to sell both their gas-powered Macan and 718 vehicles at the same time as their electric replacements for a short time. The same goes for the Cayenne, which will stay around even after its electric version is out; but this spring, it will get a makeover with changes in its exterior design and inside hardware, as well as more power on its plug-in hybrid versions.

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