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Get a Clear View of the Road: BMW’s Innovative Windscreen Spanning Head-Up Display

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BMW’s new electric cars will be outfitted with something special: a really big display that covers the front windshield. This enormous display is called BMW Panoramic Vision and it was revealed Wednesday at an annual meeting. These cool cars won’t be in production until 2025 when they’ll be part of the Neue Klasse family of electric vehicles.

BMW has now unveiled a new feature called the Panoramic Vision display, which allows both the driver and passenger to see information on its screen. While most head-up displays only show information related to the driver, this allows passengers to also get in on the action. This is all part of BMW’s “driver-centric” approach that makes sure drivers are always aware of what’s going on around them with their eyes still focused on the road.

Pictures show the driver information like speed, gear and also entertaining stuff in the middle of the windshield. The time is shown on passenger side. BMW’s development boss Frank Weber said they are aiming to have more details available soon. He concluded with his usual motto- ‘Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel’.

BMW says that the Panoramic Vision display has a dark area at the bottom of the windshield which makes images look sharper and more visible even in different lighting conditions.

The new BMW EVs have a special name, “Neue Klasse”. This comes from a group of vintage cars that helped BMW become successful years ago. They were known for their simple design and great performance. Today, BMW is also including advanced technology with this line of cars. For example, they showed off the i Vision Dee concept at the 2023 CES in Las Vegas.

The new BMW electric cars, known as the Neue Klasse EVs, have a platform designed from the beginning just for electric powertrains. They also have super new and improved battery technology. This includes cylindrical cells instead of prismatic cells, and this could result in about 30% more range than their current technology.

In 2025, a sedan style car that belongs to the 3-Series family will be made in Debrecen, Hungary. After this, electric vehicles of Neue Klasse will be made in Munich Germany and San Luis Potosí, Mexico since 2026 and 2027 respectively. This move is mainly to get more people eligible for special federal tax credits for buying an electric vehicle in the United States.

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