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Ford’s Revolutionary Technology Gives EVs Power to Burnout

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Ford recently created a patent application for an ‘EV Burnout Mode’ that allows electric cars to spin their tires as if they were burning rubber. This means the car can press down hard on the gas pedal and spin their front, rear or all four tires. It was published by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office in March 2021 after it was first filed back in August 2020.

In Ford’s application, he talks about how you can push one wheel with power while using the brakes to spin the other wheel. This creates a ‘burnout’ where smoke and heat come off the tires due to increased friction, which gives better traction and looks extra powerful.

Ford has come up with an incredible new feature called ‘burnout mode’. This is kind of like the line-lock function seen before in Ford Mustangs but it works on all-wheel drive electric vehicles. For example, in Ford Mustangs Mach-E you’ll be able to make smoke come off your car’s wheels both in front and back when doing burnouts. But this awesome feature hasn’t been confirmed yet by Ford.

The application talks about how you can spin the wheels on two axles by ‘manipulating’ or changing how fast or slow they go, using the brake and accelerator pedals. This way, you can do a special type of stunt called a four-wheel burnout.

Ford has tried to show how awesome electric vehicles (EVs) can be with their Mustang Mach-E 1400, which has seven motors that produce a whopping 1,400 horsepower. Although this type of powertrain won’t be in cars driven on the road, it seems like EV owners will get an even more exciting experience with its amazing burnout mode!

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