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Exploring Audi’s New Naming Strategy for the Ferrari Roma Spider: Today’s Car News

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Ferrari recently released a brand new, awesome-looking car called the Roma Spider. It is replacing the Portofino M and this one has something special – instead of having a hard-top roof like its predecessor, it has a soft-top roof, which hasn’t been seen on any Ferrari cars for more than 50 years!

Audi’s CEO has announced that the company will start using a new name system to help customers know better which models run on electric and which ones still use gas. The new names are coming soon and Audi plans to come out with 20 new or improved cars by 2025.

Techart, a company in Germany, just made its GT Street R car even better. It has 800 horsepower and added upgrades to make it go faster on the track.

We’ve got some cool news about cars today at Auto Motor Mart. Ferrari is bringing back the Roma Spider car with a soft-top roof and Audi’s EV and ICE cars will have different names now.

The first car to get Techart’s new Flyweight track upgrades is the GT Street R.

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