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Electric Porsche Cayenne and Hot Wheels TV show: All the Latest Car News

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Porsche plans to switch most of its cars to electric power by the end of this decade. This means that all their cars will have new electric models when they get redesigned. The Macan will be the first car to make this transition, followed by the 718 and then the Cayenne.

Hot Wheels is getting their own video game, movie, and TV show! The host of the show will be Rutledge Wood and two fans will get the opportunity to build the car of their dreams using real Hot Wheels cars. They’ll compete to see who has the best ride!

Mercedes-Benz is almost ready to show us a new version of its GLS-Class SUV! We just got our first look at the special AMG GLS 63 and it’s going to be updated on both the outside and inside. The engine will stay the same though.

Want to hear more car news? Head over to Motor Authority right now! They’re talking about the redesign of Porsche Cayenne and an awesome spinoff game of ‘Pimp my Ride’ called “Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge” that’ll give kids tons of fun.

Mercedes-Benz is currently making a new AMG GLS model for 2024, and Subaru has recently released their Crosstrek. Porsche is also creating a three-row electric SUV which will be based on the SSP Sport platform. We just reviewed the Lexus RZ 450e to see how it does with an electric engine, and Alfa Romeo’s F1 driver Valtteri Bottas got a special Giulia GTAm car! On top of that, we compared the Ranger vs Tacoma mid-size trucks and took a look at GM who are making a lidar system. Finally, there are several US states leading the way in EV registrations.

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