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BMW Reveals New X2 and Electric iX2 Designs

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BMW is changing the look of their X2 crossover. They have said that there will also be an electric version of it, called the iX2. This new edition of the X2 will come out at the end of this year and we’ll see it as a 2024 model. We can tell by looking at test models that it looks more like a coupe than the current one which has a flat roof line.

We shouldn’t be too surprised that the iX2 car is out since BMW Group already released the redesigned X1 and X2 cars for 2023. Both of these models use something called the FAAR platform, which was designed especially for smaller type cars like crossovers and can come with either a gas or electric engine.

The BMW iX2 will have many of the same features as the iX1, such as a 64.7-kwh battery and a motor setup with 308 horsepower. There may also be an option for a single motor powertrain.

The estimated range for the iX1 is 250 miles, so we can expect something similar from the iX2 too.

At this time, it has not been decided if the BMW iX1 or BMW iX2 will be available in U.S markets.

BMW announced that in October, they will have a new 5-Series, and it also has an all-electric option called the i5. In addition, next spring there will be an electric wagon version of the i5 available.

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