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Aston Martin Trademarks ‘Vanguard’ Nameplate, What Does It Mean for the Future?

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Aston Martin, a car company from England, has asked permission to use the name “Vanguard” in America, Europe and Japan. It looks like they are planning on making a brand new kind of car!

CarBuzz noticed that Aston Martin follows the trend of naming its sports cars and supercars with a ‘V’ – like Vantage, Vanquish, Valhalla and Valkyrie. It’s possible that Aston has trademarked another name without plans to use it anytime soon. Before this, they also trademarked “Varekai” and “Valen”, in 2018 and 2019, but these names have not been used yet.

Aston Martin made an announcement at the beginning of this year that there will be a special car coming out to celebrate their 110th birthday, but it’s too late to get the rights to name it Vanguard. After 2025, they’ll bring out the first electric sports car and then an electric SUV after that. We don’t know what these are called yet, so maybe Aston is going to call one of them Vanguard.

Recently, Aston Martin applied to trademark the name ‘DB12’ which follows their previous pattern of naming cars with the prefix DB. It looks like a newer version of the DB11 grand tourer will be here soon – probably in 2024. After that, Aston Martin is planning to launch even more new and improved models in the coming years!

The Vantage sports car is going to get some changes soon, but it will keep the same name. In 2024, Aston will bring out a new hybrid electric hypercar called Valhalla, and maybe a Vanquish supercar in 2025.

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