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2025 Ram 1500 REV electric truck: A Revolutionary 500-Mile Range Truck

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Ram recently presented the 2025 1500 REV, their electric pickup truck, during the 2023 New York Auto Show! They had already promised us a preview of the design back in February this year during a Super Bowl commercial.

In 2024, the Ram 1500 REV will be out in stores with a range of up to 500 miles. This can be done by using a 229-kwh battery. But if for some reason you don’t want that one, there is another option which has a 168-kwh battery and it should have a range of around 350 miles.

The Ram truck can pull and carry 14,000 pounds. That’s more powerful that the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Chevrolet Silverado EV which can only carry 10,000 or 2,000 pounds.

This special car has two motors which make it very powerful. Together, the two motors can produce 654 horsepower and 620 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, this car can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds and can drive through 24 inches of water!

Each motor in the car is contained within a module that also consists of a transmission and inverter. This front module can be taken off from the front axle to maximize its efficiency, while the rear module comes with an electronic lockable differential. It is also possible to drive with just one pedal when the full energy recuperation mode is turned on.

Ram is planning to introduce a new version of their 1500 REV model. This new version, called the 1500 REV XR, has an additional feature that increases its range – when you are driving it, an engine charges up the battery.

The new 1500 REV truck can charge really quickly using DC fast charging. This means that in about 10 minutes, it’ll give you an extra 110 miles of travel. It also has a cool feature – bidirectional charging! What this does is allow the truck to be used to power something else like another EV or even your house during a blackout. There are two helpful power outlets in the bed and front trunk that combined give up to 7.2 kW of energy.

The frunk has a ton of room – 15 cubic feet to be exact! Ram hasn’t shared what size beds will fit, but they did mention that the Ram Box side of things will offer extra storage space. The 1500 REV rides on a platform made especially for EVs called STLA Frame. This specific frame design, which is one of four different types used by Ram, can hold body-on-frame objects like trucks and SUVs.

The STLA Frame platform for the Ram 1500 REV has a steel frame that’s wider than an average truck frame. This makes it possible to fit in more batteries. It also includes a full-length bottom plate, which helps it move through air smoothly and faster, reducing drag. According to Ram, the 1500 REV has the lowest air resistance of any truck in its class.

The platform has multi-link independent rear suspension and adjustable air suspension front and rear. The air suspension comes with five settings: entry/exit, aero, normal, off-road 1 and off-road 2.

Ram is creating an electric truck similar to its 1500 REV design, but with more similarities to the 1500 Revolution Concept they showed at CES 2023. The end of the trucks look very similar in both designs, including their lights.

Ram is now taking orders for the 1500 REV truck. They have not said how much it will cost but they have different kinds of styles available like Tradesman, Big Horn/Lone Star, Laramie and Limited. Plus, there is a new model called the Tungsten grade.

The top of the range Tungsten grade car has special features, such as a tailgate that opens with power, metal accents inside the car like on the pedals, heated and cooled front seats with comfortable leather covers, plus 24-way power adjustment. You can also get a 23-speaker audio system and suede trim for the headliner, pillars, and visors. There’s even an option to have carbon-fiber accents in the cabin.

The 1500 REV comes with a lot of features, both standard and additional. These features include a digital instrument cluster that looks like a 12.3-inch screen, an infotainment screen in either 12.0 or 14.5 inches, a 10.3-inch monitor to show stuff like directions, movies, and smartphone usage to the front passenger, a digital rearview mirror, and even a head-up display powered by your smartphone!

Ram’s truck has special features that make it easier to drive. One of these features is a ‘hands-free mode’ when you’re driving on highways, it helps the truck stay safe in one lane with adjustable speeds (adaptive cruise control).

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