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2025 Mini Countryman Gets Bigger and Goes Electric – The Future is Here!

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A new version of the Mini Countryman is coming out in 2025. This week, Mini announced some details about it.

The new model will be the biggest one yet – growing 5.1 inches longer and 2.4 inches taller with a total length of 174 inches!

Mini is introducing a new car called the Countryman- it’s bigger than their other cars and it is being targeted at young families. Making space for this big car also means Mini are planning to make an even smaller one next year that will be electric, likely named ‘Aceman’.

The new Mini Countryman car will be made at a BMW Group plant in Leipzig, Germany. This will be the first time ever that Minis have been made there and not at the Netherlands where current models are created. The same place also makes other BMW cars like the 1-Series, 2-Series Active Tourer and 2-Series Gran Coupe and these vehicles all use the same platform as the mini Countryman does.

The FAAR platform is an updated version of the UKL platform which is used in the current model. The big improvement with this new system is that it works better with electric cars, like the Countryman, that can have either gas or electric engines.

Mini has announced two types of electric cars: a regular Countryman E with 188 horse power and a faster ‘Countryman SE’ that boasts 308 horse power. The SE car will also be equipped with an all-wheel drive system supported by two motors. Additionally, this model is specially designed with a 64.7 kilowatt-hour battery which can provide a driving range of up to 280 miles according to the standardized WLTP test cycle used abroad. However, it may have an even shorter range when tested using stricter EPA standards in America.

Mini is taking steps to make their vehicles more sustainable by removing decorative elements like chrome, and replacing them with parts made from recycled materials. For example, the dashboard, the steering wheel, the vehicle headliner and floor mats will be made out of polyester sourced from old PET bottles or carpets. The wheels will also use 70% recycled aluminum.

Mini hasn’t revealed what kind of engines their new Countryman will have, but it’s likely going to be either a 1.5-liter turbo or 2.0-liter turbo engine. However this is the last time Mini will offer gas engines in their Countryman as after 2025, all future Minis are going to be electric!

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