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2024 Mini Clubman – The Quirky Rear Doors are Gone for Good!

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The Mini Cooper Clubman in 2024 will be the last car model that comes with the unusual split back doors found on wagons.

Mini announced Tuesday that a special edition Mini Clubman is coming out soon. This model will be limited to 1,969 cars as an ode to the first-generation Clubman which came out in 1969. The first-generation Clubman also featured two rear doors like those found on vans or bigger cars, and it had a longer wheelbase when compared to other Minis at the time. The original Clubman was made until 1981.

In 2007, BMW relaunched their Mini Clubman with two different type of doors – a big door for the driver’s side and a smaller one (like those of pickup trucks) on the passenger side.

In 2015, the latest version of the car called Clubman was released. It was sold as a 2016 model. Unlike other cars, it came with four doors and two split rear doors, making it look like a six-door wagon. The car also produced 228 horsepower from its engine but later on this number was upgraded to 301 horsepower.

Mini has a Final Edition Clubman that is based on the Cooper S model. It runs on a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine which produces 189 horsepower and 206 foot-pounds of torque. At least some areas will have the option between front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, though it’s unknown if they will also offer this in the United States. The Clubman will most likely stick with the 7-speed automatic transmission instead of manual transmissions like other models have been reverting to.

The Final Edition of this car is different from others because it has special paint colors like Nanuq White, Enigmatic Black, and Melting Silver. The outside also has copper trim and stripes with a badge that says “one of 1,969”. The inside has brown leather upholstery with fabric inserts and contrast piping, door-sill plates that say “Final Edition,” and decorations that are green and copper. Prices for this edition haven’t been revealed yet.

Mini, like other car companies, is planning to make more electric crossover SUVs than regular (quirky) cars. In 2021, Mini is releasing a new Countryman and then in 2024 they will put out an new electric crossover car based on the Aceman concept. This electric model would be available as early as 2025 with a different name. In 2025 Mini’s last gasoline powered car will also launch but afterwards only EVs will be sold by them.

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