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2024 Lincoln Nautilus – Revolutionizing Technology with a Full-Width Screen

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Ford’s luxury brand will be releasing an updated version of its gas models, called the 2023 Corsair, this year. Recently, at an event in New York City, Lincoln revealed its new electric car, the 2024 Nautilus.

The Nautilus car is getting an upgrade! This modern version has the same CD2 architecture that is used in the smaller Corsair model. Additionally, it comes with all-wheel drive. The new Nautilus is also a bit bigger than before – 3.2 inches longer, 1.1 inches wider, 2.0 inches taller, and its wheelbase has been extended to 2.0 inches longer.

The Nautilus has a special design featuring the Lincoln star logo and “upwing” shaped LED headlights. The SUV will also come with four unique grille designs, plus its door handles are part of the car’s beltline. At the back, it will have a big light bar with Lincoln lettering on it that lights up when you approach the car. It can be bought in one color or two-tone (with black roof) paint schemes.

When you buy this car, you’ll have a choice of two powertrains. The standard engine is a 2.0-liter turbo with 250 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. The hybrid option has the same motor but with 300 horsepower and 134 hp electric motor, adding up to 310 horsepower in total. It also comes with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and 8-speed automatic transmission for the gas version. There won’t be an option for the twin-turbocharged 2.7 liter V6 engine anymore.

The new Nautilus has a really cool interior with a 11.1 inch touchscreen in the middle of two 23.6-inch displays (which make 48 inches). Drivers can set up three windows on the passenger side of this big screen and decide which options will appear there, such as speed indicator, tachometer, fuel level, navigation system and more! There are four different graphic themes available for the bigger screen to choose from: Constellation, Tranquil, Engage or Inspire. Also the steering wheel has been designed in a flat-top style so you can be able to see the large display over it clearly.

The new Nautilus model will have Amazon Alexa built-in, which can help with both car functions and smart home tasks. What’s more, there will also be different types of speaker systems such as 14- and 28-speaker audio system onboard. And, to make it even better – Lincoln Rejuvenge is added too! It has the power to activate things such as the massage function on the driver seat, special animations on the displays, interior lighting, and a pleasant scent all around inside the car to help you relax after a hard day.

The Nautilus car can have up to five people in it, and Lincoln guarantees that the back seat will have the most space of any car.

Lincoln will equip the Nautilus with advanced safety features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Emergency Braking, Bright Automatic Headlights, Autonomous Parking, Blind Spot Detection for Surrounding Cars, Rear Collision Warnings with Emergency Braking Activation, Maintaining Lanes Activation, Parking Sensors for the Back of the Vehicle and an Exiting Alert System. It will also come with BlueCruise 1.2 driver-assist that lets you drive hands-free on nearly 200,000 miles of maps across North America and make passing between lanes without lifting a finger.

The Nautilus costs about $51,000 and will be available for purchase at the beginning of next year. It was made in China.

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